World War II Links

I put together a few links that you can use for more information about World War II.

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I have provided these links because they have information that may interest you. These links are not an endorsement by worldwar2relics products and services presented on this site or any sites linked to it. I am not responsible for the accuracy of information on these sites.

National WW II Memorial

World War II Pictures
World War II photos from the Us National Archives

America on the Homefront
Selected World War II Records of Federal Agencies in New England
Lots of information and links about WW II

World War II

Americans in World War II

Voices of World War II
Experiences from the Front and at Home

World War II Cars, Tanks and Airplanes

The Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II

American History: Pearl Harbor and WWII
Learn more about Pearl Harbor. (Thank you Mrs McVey and her class!)

A Student's Guide to Air Warfare

Interesting World War Two Facts About Air Warfare
(Thank you Anthony from Seattle Public Schools!)

Lustron houses, Affordable housing for returning servicemen


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